Wedding Photography and Video Tips – Prime vs Zoom Lenses


What's a prime lens and why would I believe them rather than a zoom lens?<br /> A prime lens is a lens which includes one focal length just. They are available in all focal lengths which range from wide angle types through into the longer ones that are longer.


A zoom lens is a lens which has a variety of focal lengths accessible to the photographer from the 1 lens. These are becoming increasingly more popular over the last couple of decades since they're clearly a very handy lens to get in your camera since they imply you can shoot at both broad and more focal lengths without needing to change lenses mid shoot.


Clearly there's a selection of aspects to consider and finally the choice will return to numerous variables such as the kind and type of photography that you do, your finances, the demand for portability, and how many times you're prepared to change lenses, the quality you are after and the shooting requirements you're going to be shooting in.