Top Wedding Photography Questions and Answers

An important truth to remember when it comes to planning your weddings are these memories will be cherished for a lifetime. The primary purpose as to why you need to hire a wedding photographer is to have these swift moments in time forever encapsulated in a visually stunning manner. Photographs record laughs, hugs, toasts and tears that are guaranteed to happen throughout your wedding day. However, selecting a wedding photographer can be challenging as can fully understanding why you need a photographer. The following are some of the most common questions and answers when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer.

Question #1 – How to I Get Started with a Photography Website?

This is perhaps the most important question for a photographer or videographer in today's market. Nearly every client you book will have first found and reviewed your portfolio online via your website. It is important to purchase good best web hosting for photographers, then find a theme or portfolio hosting platform to display your beautiful work. From there you'll want to be sure to have a responsive website, that loads seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. Next you should begin marketing your hosted photography website. If you're not sure where to get started, WebHostingProf provides an excellent overview of hosting options for photographers, videographers, and artists alike.

Question #2 – Does the Photographer Need to be a Professional?

This is among the most common question among cost-saving couples. In short, yes. In long, wedding photographers are professionally trained experts who have spent countless hours analyzing and perfecting the unique skillset required to perfectly capture both the large and small moments. While you may be tempted to hire a friend or an unskilled photographer, doing so can mean the difference between holding an album filled with beautiful and perfect moments or one that’s truly lacking.

Question #3 – How to Find a Good Wedding Photographer?

This is a widely asked question among wedding forums, and for good reason. The wedding industry is filled with “photographers” however, few of the actually deliver on their promises. The best way to find a skilled wedding photographer is first determine what style of photography you wish to use. Secondly, gather a list of photographers who specialize in this style. Once you have this list, begin your online research. Find as many reviews from each photographer as possible. From here, begin the interview process. Make sure to ask as many questions as needed to gain a clear understanding of what they offer and whether or not they’d be a good fit for your wedding needs.

Question #4 – Do I Need a Photographer and a Videographer?

The answer to this question really depends on your overall desire. Do you wish to only have still images? If so, then you only need a photographer. However, if you wish to have a video recording of this monumental day, then you must also hire a videographer. One of the easiest – and cost effective – ways to accomplish this goal is to hire a photography studio that offers both still photography and a videography. This ensures these professionals know how to work with each other. The last thing you want is a photographer and videographer that don’t get along.