Is a Camera Jib really worth it for Wedding Videography?


Jibs or Cranes vary from quite compact to enormous, but in nature they perform the same function. They provide you with the capability to incorporate vertical motion to a shooter. Of course the larger the jib, the larger the movement can be. Panning with a lengthy jib arm may also mimic a trucking transfer, however your shot will probably proceed across a specified curve, instead of a direct line.


A large jib may also get you a few wonderful high angle shots that you would not have the ability to reach otherwise, and you will attain some really artistic shots should you use it in combination with a robotic mind. Jib or Crane shots are especially successful when there are things in the foreground which flaunt the motion.


Disadvantages: Jibs are normally big, and while they're good at getting these sweeping expansive shots or higher angle shots, the may be awkward to setup.